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Our response to the pandemic

Salt Alterations will be taking all precautionary steps to ensure the health and safety of customers.

Records of customers are already maintained as part of the alteration service. All other visitors and customers are also encouraged to use the NZ COVID Tracker App to record their visit.

​Grace is doing her part to support the public health response by making re-usable, triple-layered, cotton face masks. These are not medical-grade masks but have been recommended as a preventative measure by the Ministry of Health.

Face masks range from $20 - $30 in-store.

For more information please call us or leave us a message on our Facebook page or website.

Grace Jang Salt Alterations.png

Grace Jang is a highly customer-oriented seamstress, always listens and works with you to ensure you are getting the most out of your favourtite wardrobe pieces.

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